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Time to return to Vienna

It's time to say goodbye to this beautiful island I could call home for a few months. This goodbye is temporary I'm sure of that.

In the meantime I bring you some interesting stories and facts from my journey.

Indonesia is the third most bio-diverse country in the world. Their natural treasures are endless. Even in such a small island like Bali, you can find everything from mountains, volcanos, lakes, beaches, jungle and my favorites: the waterfalls.⠀💦💦 ⠀ 💧💧Waterfalls on Bali are countless and compared to some waterfalls I have visited in Thailand, here on Bali they all have huge amounts of water pouring down. I think even people who live here have no idea how many waterfalls can actually be found in Bali.⠀ ⠀ This picture was taken at NungNung waterfall which is about 20 km or 1 hour drive north of Ubud about 900 meters above sea level. Exactly 509 steps are leading down into the valley and once you arrive the sight of this amazing spectacle is simply stunning.⠀ ⠀ The water pouring down is so strong and fast - you can't get very close to it. But you can swim in the pool of water right beneath it. The water is spraying in all directions as you can see in the video - top challenge for multi-hooping!⠀⭕️⭕️⭕️



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