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Hula Hoop Spring Jam

Vienna Spring Hoop Jam is coming this weekend!

One of my favorite event in the year and this is already 6th year in a row! It's like a real tradition now!

After this event I know that outdoor season is really here and from now on good weather is a real thing that we (more or less) count on. This year's weather might be a bit tricky but it's not going to stop us! Weather forecast is already around 20 degree for the weekend! 

I love these events because it's not strictly about Hooping but more about bringing the Hula Hoop Community together in Vienna. It's an amazing feeling to know that you share a passion with so many people and we all can have fun together! I'd like to help in creating this community and let you meet with like-minded people! We share one interest for sure, even two if I count nature and I think I can count it. How many other things we might share? Let's have fun and find out together!

In the Spring Hoop Jam beginner, intermediate and advanced students are all welcome!

This is a fun event where we can move our body and enjoy nature together! Until that check out these lovely photos here!

Hope to see everyone there,


Multi Hula Hooping in nature during spring
Hula Hooping in nature is an amazing feeling

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