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Astral Hoops, my favourite LED flow toys

They are not just simple LED Hoops - they come with many extra features you can't even imagine. 💡⁣⁣

They have:

⭕brighter colours

⭕extended battery life

⭕beat sync

⭕auto isolation

... and more! ⁣

BRAND NEW: the Phone APP hoop control!

🤳Control multiple hoops at the same time!

🤳Design new patterns and send them instantly to the hoop.⁣

🤳Create and upload large images with millions of colours.⁣

🤳Take pictures and send them to the hoop.⁣

Sounds amazing, right?⁣

More great news:

💰Get 5% DISCOUNT these magical LED Hoops and other flow toys from Astral Hoops ⁣⁣

-> Follow this LINK.


I love my Astral Hoops, I am using: Atomic Evoke in 16 mm polypro tubing, 85 cm diameter.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about tubings or sizes:

FireFlies PixelWhip:

LED Hoops:

Photos + video: Christian Unger

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