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Aerial Arts Festival Spiced up with Hula Hoop tricks

I can't wait for Aerial Arts Festival at the end of the summer, not just because of all the Yoga Workshop but also the atmosphere of the circus and the Hula Hoop Workshops!

And not just an average Hula Hoop Workshop but a very special one with Chris Gogler aka C-section! He's finally coming to teach us in Vienna!

What you need to know about him?

Chris is a hoop dancer originally from Australia. With a background and some formal training in ballet and contemporary dance, Chris stumbled across hooping some number of years ago and has been hooked ever since.

His style is unique, combining elements of classical and contemporary dance with object manipulation and burlesque. C-Section tells romantic and fantastic stories through movement with a healthy dose of cheekiness and sass.

C-Section now lives in Berlin and has taught at events across Europe including the German Hoop Convention, Heart and Hoop Dance Retreat, Hooplaland, the Italian Hoop Connection, Manchester Hoop Congress, Rendez V’Hoop, the Scottish Hoop Convention, SWHOOP and the European Juggling Convention.

The workshops

Day 1: FANCY DANCEY In this workshop you will learn a number of tricks and moves that focus on mixing hoop tricks/technical hoop moves with dance elements. Learn how to use elegance, surprise and movement of the body in combination with your hoop for a fabulous effect. 

Day 2: BEHIND THE BACK TRICKS In this workshop we will learn a number of fun and tricky behind the back catch based moves. Behind the back catches are a fun way to impress and confuse your audience, they allow us to utilise space behind our bodies to manipulate and control the hoop and can add an extra dimension to your hoop dance. 

 Day 3: HEAD TO TOE TRICKS From the crown of your head down to your feet, there are so many possibilities for fun and fancy hoop moves. In this workshop we will learn moves that span the whole of your body, including some fun pickups off the floor and some beautiful transitions using your head, as well as a few fun tricks in between.

Meet the remarkable Hula Hoop Artist Chris Gogler aka C-Section in Vienna: From Friday, 30. August until Sunday, 01. September you’ll get the chance to learn unique tricks and flows at his three different workshops. Surrounded by circus atmosphere the workshops are part of the wide-ranging program of the 3rd Aerial Arts Festival Austria (

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Love, Lisa

c-section aka Chris Gogler performing Hula Hoop tricks
Chris Gogler aka C-section

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