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Hula Hoop Online Course

E-Learning has never been easier

  • 12 comprehensive lessons

  • Total duration: 45 min

  • The first lesson is FREE

  • Watch from anywhere, anytime

  • Lifetime access

  • Only $35

Watch the first lesson for free now HERE.

Why you should start Hooping

Hula Hooping is not just a workout it's a passion.

⁣⁣It helps you:⁣⁣

  • burn calories

  • uplift your spirit

  • build strength

  • tone your muscles⁣


A work-out should not only be efficient but also FUN.

What will you get out of this course?

Learn anywhere and anytime!

You will get a full online course with all the important basics and many details that  you need to know for an easy and fun start into Hula Hoop and Hoop Dance.

The lessons featured

  1. Waist Hooping

  2. Direction Changes

  3. The Corkscrew

  4. Neck Hooping

  5. The Lasso

  6. Lifting from the Neck

  7. Lifting from the waist

  8. Knee Hooping

  9. The Helicopter

  10. The Revolving Door

  11. Shoulder Wrap Combo

  12. The Forward Weave

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Meet your teacher

Hooping makes my world go round.

My name is Lisa and I made my passion is my profession. I am a professional Multi-Hoop artist from Vienna, Austria. I love teaching Hoop Dance to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

For more than 10 years I was touring worldwide with the multimedia & special effect performance company PhoenixCreative not only on stage but also coordinating their worldwide shows. I also managed their training space, the Vienna Circus Arts Center. 

I am so happy to be able to share my joy and passion about Hooping now also ONLINE in this course!

Watch on Youtube:

What our students say

Join us for some Hoop Dance fun!

"Lisa is such a motivational personality. Her passion for the hula hoop is like a virus. Her vast knowledge about different tricks is amazing. Her teaching style is very comprehensive, she has so much experience. I can totally recommend her as a teacher, always a pleasure to come to her course -  can't wait for the next one." - Madeleine Francesca

"Such a  great teacher - I can only recommend her courses to everyone. She has so much patience and her passion about Hooping is to wonderful infectious." - Sonne Ciufforosso-Hupperouge

"Lisa is so kind and teaching with so much joy.  It is a big pleasure to be her student. I learned so much." - Jana Milena

"I have already taken two courses and the teaching quality is sensational. I have learned so many new tricks in very little time. Big recommendation!"- Bettina Marija


​"Amazing courses - I will take one soon again!" - Nadine Paule

"This course is so much fun! Can't wait for the next level!" - Isbaella Dattler

Are you ready? Sign up now HERE.

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