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Lisa Looping

Performance Extravaganza


LED Shows

Fascinating Colours

This show act with brightly shining LED Hula Hoops is creating fascinating color patterns within a high skills variety style multi-hoop choreography with up to 6 hoops spinning simultaneously. 

Surprise your audience with the mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors on stage.

UV Blacklight

Neon Glow

A multitude of glowing hula hoops is spinning simultaneously around various body parts of the skilled artist on stage.

The hoops are shining brightly in intense fluorescent colours creating a truly magic special effect.

Fire Show

Mystical flames

Some like it hot and can't take their eyes of the flames of a spinning fire hoop that is manipulated in risky moves from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Burning Fans and Fire Fingers are rounding off the divers performance portfolio and make this show a special highlight.